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  • Name: vessel washing machine, large capacity sprial sand washer machine, high efficiency gravel sand washer
  • NO: sprial sand washer machine
  • Date: 2017-05-03
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LEIYUE XS series sand washer is good representative of washing equipments, which is used for cleaning and separating flour a-

nd dust from aggregate after sieving. It’s used for rinsing different kinds of stones, applying to sand washing

work in material industry and sand factory.


Model Screw Diameter(mm) Feed Size(mm) Water consumption Capacity(t/h) Motor power(kw) Outline dimension(mm)
XL-508 508 ≤10 14-88 20  7.5  8000*2343*1530
XL-610 610 ≤10 14-165 50  7.5  8000*2490*1530
XL-762 762 ≤10 18-124 75  11-15  9070*2650*1638
XL-915 915 ≤10 18-162 100  11-15  9070*2650*1638
XL-1118 1118 ≤10 27-333 175  30  9070*2830*1900
2XL-762 762 ≤10 40-250 140  2*11  11580*5226*2370
2XL-915 915 ≤10 105-620 200  215  9070*3300*1638
2XL-1118 1118 ≤10 125-1400 350  222  9070*3890*1900
XLZ-762 762 ≤60 355-450 125  22  11580*5226*2370
XLZ-915 915 ≤60 400-600 175  30  6980*1200*1340
XLZ-1118 1118 ≤75 500-750 250  37  7400*1380*1950
2XLZ-762 762 ≤60 600-800 150  2*22  6980*2091*1340
2XLZ-915 915 ≤60 700-900 200  2*30  7120*2146*1590

LEIYUE SX series crew sand washing machines adopt 15° tilted layout.there is a flow tank under the flume with triside board.The

head of screw merge in the flow tank.The motor through the decelerator drives the crew circumrotating.the water is fed in

the flow tank via the under porous plate.This series machines assemble washing,dehydrating and classifying function,

which are adopted in sandstone factory,construction site,hydroelectic site,hydroelectric station dam,glass manufacturing,

oil well development and so on.




Q: What about Warranty? What will we do if the machine is broken down?

A: Ours Warranty is 1 year for whole machinery but spare parts.

We will provide the technical advice and find the solution immediately for you when the ma-

chine is in trouble-shoot. For those wear parts, we guarantee the high quality parts for long-term supply.

Q: What should we supply for you if we want to get a best quotation?

A: If you want us recommend a suitable type for you, please let us know

l You only need one crusher or a whole crushing line?

1. What is the capacity you need? (Tons per hour)

2.What is the max size of the stone (mm/inch)?

3.What is the output size you need?

4.What is the stone type?

Q: What can you help me to do for the business?

A: Many thanks for your trust, LEIYUE FACTORY can provide you with the pre-services of design scheme for complete production lines, sp-

ot inspection and operator training according to your demands and the conditions of applied spot, we can help

you choose the right equipments, drilling rig, loader, trucks, excavators and so on.