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  • Name: industrial conveyor belt metal detector.stone metal detector for powder crusher
  • NO: metal detector
  • Date: 2017-05-03
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Mines, cement, thermal power, chemical industry etc. it is used for detecting bulk metallic, or shovel teeth in the ore or coal, in order not to damage the working machines.


The characteristics of products:

1. The conveyor belt generally will be installed horizontal, but it can be applied to different angle according to your request.

2. 2The detector head can be separated, the belt do not need to be cut.

3. A timer is used to control the eliminating device.



1. Detecting tunnel height: 100-800mm.

2. Detecting tunnel width: 1000-4000mm

3. Sensitivity: 1.2-6.0mm steel ball.

4. . Voltage:220V 50HZ

5. Alarm: Sound and light alarm, and stop automatically

6. Weight: 80-200KGS



1.Together with belt conveyers in many fields 
2.Sensitivity can be adjusted intelligently 
3.good anticorrosion ability 

Model GJT-F-5 GJT-F-6 GJT-F-8 GJT-F-10 GJT-F-12 GJT-F-14 GJT-F-16 GJT-F-18 GJT-F-20
Width(mm) 500 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
sensitivity 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55

tape speed(m/s)

0.8-3.5 0.8-3.5 0.8-3.5 0.8-3.5 0.8-3.5 0.8-3.5 0.8-3.5 0.8-3.5 0.8-3.5


1. Its sensors shell is made of stainless steel or plastics steel, good anticorrosion ability ,  suitable for terrible environment and easy to install.

2. Control cabinet adopts dual-door structure with stainless steel shell , waterproof and dustproof.

3. Position and belt speed can be adjusted and the types of mineral can be selected, digit set , good stability and wide application.

4.Sensitivity can be adjusted intelligently.

5. Multi-level anti-inference measures are taken to avoid wrong actions effectively.

7.General purpose and easy to upgrade.

8. Both magnetic and non-magnetic materials can be detected.